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v4.2 UPDATE 1, PART 3 - Other Enhancements

1. Test wizard improvement. The option to add a new test case or replace an existing one is presented in the beginning of the test wizard now. When adding a new test case, you can specify test case name. When replacing an existing test case, the existing name will be used. This design improved test case name consistency. See

2. New non-browser Client option. In the Browser Settings section, a new option Non-Browser Application is added. Use this option to emulate behavior of a non-browser RIA, such as Silverlight or Flex-based application.

3. Agents adopt Controller Time Zone. In previous versions, when a distributed load test ran from load generators located in different time zones, controller and agent reports reflected different time zones. In order to Increase reporting consistency, all timing information in the agent result storage is now converted to the controller time zone.

4. Fixed controller/agent system time discrepancies. Previously, in order to avoid discrepancies in the graphs displaying timelines, it was necessary to synchronize system clocks of all load generators. A new time compensating algorithm is being used in this update to make sure that any discrepancies between the controller and agent system clock will not affect reporting accuracy.

5. Reduced time of opening large test results exceeding 1 GB

6. When StresStimulus add-on is selected in Fiddler, capturing of unrelated HTTP traffic is disabled to avoid its interference with load testing.


7. In the past, if an SQL CE file with test result is opened and locked, a user was able to attempt renaming the result which caused some naming and consistency issues. Now, the UI will prevent user from renaming the result in such situations.

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