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V4.2 Part 3 - Test Versatility Enhancements

   1. Loops with transactions. In the previous version, loops could include only requests but not transactions. In this version, loops with a transaction allow to more granularly monitor performance of various parts of the loop. User can create a loop containing multiple transactions as described here

   2. Think time in transactions. Previously, think time was available only in pages. Now transactions support Think time as well, as described here . As a result, you can have a test case without page breakdown and still emulate think times in transactions.

   3. Shortcut for creating Text Delimited Extractor. Now you can create a Text Delimited Extractor in one click. Just select a string you would like to extract and click create, as described Text Before and Text After properties will be populated automatically.

   4. Property grid in the Extractor Verification tree. Previously, only a certain number of extracted characters were displayed in the Extractor Verification tree. Now in the property grid, the entire value is displayed.

   5. Search in the Extractor Verification tree. Now you can search values extracted during the test verification, as described here . This makes configuration easier.

   6. Skipping and aborting autocorrelation. Sometimes scanning certain large request can be time-consuming. The autocorrelation progress bar allowance to skip scanning, such requests. You can also Abort autocorrelation as described here

   7. Test Run Name and Description. Previously, these two properties could be entered only on the property grid, and they were frequently left blank. Now you can enter or edit these two properties in the dialog before starting a test, as described here: Test Run Name and a Test Run Description appear on the test reports and help to identify past test runs.

   8. Enhanced recorder. During recording, the elapsed time and the number of captured sessions is displayed in the recorder title bar.

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