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V4.2 UPDATE 3 PART 2 - Test IDE and other enhancements

Test Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

1. Comparing multiple Verify results to further help with test configuration. In previous versions, subsequent runs of Verify overrode previous results. In this version, every verify run creates its own result set in a separate tab. This allows to deeper analyze test script integrity by comparing several verify runs. For example, you can compare two verifies executed for different virtual users.


2. Compare Session Inspector - 5 new views. In the previous versions, it had only one raw request / response view. In order to pinpoint important differences between recorded and replayed sessions, compare session inspector has the following views: raw request, response, header, query, web form.


3. Compare Session Inspector - text wrap eliminates needs for horizontal scrolling. In the previous versions, due to long lines in responses, horizontal scrolling was necessary. In the new version, comparing recorded and replayed sessions can be done much faster because new inspector control combines line alignment with text wrapping, allowing to completely avoid time-consuming horizontal scrolling.


4. Compare Session Inspector - grid views. In previous versions, recorded and replayed sessions were compared as raw text. In this version, headers, web forms and some query strings can be compared much faster due to data presented in aligned grid form.


Loops in transactions

5. Transaction / Loop tree merged with Test case settings tree. This added simplicity and consistency to the test case configuration process. Now the test case tree supports 4 levels of hierarchy: loop ->  transaction -> page -> request. Read and


6. Creating transactions by page, or requests. Previously, a transaction must be defined by its first and last request. Now you have also the choice to define transaction by its first and last page.


Other enhancements

7. Think Time step is added to the test wizard. This allows users who recently started, using StresStimulus to create more realistic tests with the test wizard. The following think time options are available: Constant think time, Recorded think time, Random think times and Zero think time (for stress tests).


 8. Added support for replaying a test with IE11


9. Standalone version is default now. Previously, the StresStimulus fiddler add-on was the default application. In the current version, the standalone version is default. This change was made because now majority of StresStimulus users prefer the standalone version, as it became more powerful.


Multiple enhancements, including:

  • Increased accuracy of autocorrelation
  • More accurate page auto-breakdown
  • More optimized load generation engine

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