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V4.2 - Intro

April 23, 2015 Update:  v4.2 went live today.

V4.2 public beta was launched today. The purpose of the new version is to bring the depth of performance reporting to a level exceeding existing enterprise load testing tools.


For example, waterfall charts for the first time can be analyzed in the context of the load test.

Waterfall charts are broadly used by performance engineers to granularly analyze factors impacting page responsiveness. Up till now, however, they were used to analyze user experience without tying it into the overall load considerations of a website.


Now you can compare side-by-side waterfalls of a page or transaction executed by two different virtual users during any selected test iterations in conjunction with the load level registered during these iterations. This new instrumentation allows conducting performance analysis on a very granular level through the new visualization capabilities.

Overall, the today's release includes 40 new features and enhancements described in the following 4 part release notes:

  • V4.2 Part 1 - Waterfall Analysis
  • V4.2 Part 2 - More Reporting Features
  • V4.2 Part 3 - Test Configuration and Run
  • V4.2 Part 4 - UI Enhancements, Integration and More

The initial v4.2 public build will be followed by several subsequent updates in the upcoming weeks.


Licensing: After installation, v4.2 will honor your existing license. If you have a commercial or trial license for v4.0, then after installing v4.2 your current number of licensed VUs will be unlocked automatically without activation.

Backward compatibility: V4.2 is designed to be backward compatible. Forward compatibility is not guaranteed. If you decided to go back to v4.0, make sure to keep the previous copies of the tests or save the v4.2 test under a different name.

To navigate to other parts of the v4.2 release notes, click the links below:

4.2 is available here

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