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We are excited to announce the release of v4.2 today.

Main focus: The main focus of v4.2 was to bring the depth of performance reporting to a level exceeding existing enterprise load testing tools. Now for the first time you can compare virtual user experience for any selected VUs and iterations in the context of a load test using dual waterfall charts. This allows to visualize requests most vulnerable to increased load levels and their impact on the application's responsiveness.

Another example is VU activity charts which now show the activity of all VUs on a timeline as it is related to every page, transaction and iteration. It makes specific user impact more transparent as to how it affects performance metrics which are otherwise difficult to analyze in high intensity load testing.

What's New: Here are the main v4.2 highlights:  


- Loops with transactions

- Think time in transactions

- Creating text delimited extractors with one click

- Simplified script troubleshooting using enhanced session inspector with 5 new views

- Comparing several Verify results on separate tabs

- Search in the Extractor Verification tree

- Added transactions and loops to the consolidated test case tree

- Enhanced test wizard with content types filter and think time configuration

- Searching and deleting multiple sessions



- Preset performance monitors for various web, application and database servers with preselected counters

- Monitor missed goals for pages and transactions

- More granular test progress indicator

- Enhanced load generating engine to handle more VUs

- Monitor threshold rules for performance counters

- More complete agent-to-controller data replication in distributed tests



- VU activity charts for every page, transaction and test case

- Waterfall analysis for every page, transaction and test case

- Drilling down from VU activity to waterfalls

- Dual waterfall to compare any two VUs/iterations

- Page or transaction latency view

- Top errors in the summary report

- Threshold rules and reporting threshold violations

- Test Pass/Fail qualification

- KPI graphs to compare multiple tests

- Single-document option for external reports

- Analyzing agent local analytics



- Dynatrace Integration

- HTTP archive (har) format support

- Enhanced automation interface to integrate with CI systems

 Many other enhancements and fixes

Over 90 features were added in all. The complete release notes start here: v4.2 - INTRO

Beta Expiration: If you installed the beta, it will expire in the next several weeks. You can replace it with the production version, available immediately.

Upgrades: All Full license holders with a current maintenance contract will receive v4.0 free of charge.

Still evaluating StresStimulus? Your evaluation license is automatically transferred to the new version.

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