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v0.9 update

Released today v0. 9 update includes the following enhancements:. Added configurable HTML report. The report can be printed or emailed. Added Test Description field, printable on the report. Added number of Page Timeouts on the Summary report.


v0.9 Release: Summary

The main highlights of today's release are: substantially extended reporting and increased test accuracy. More than 20 new features and 25 new parameters are added. Virtually every parameter in the test's report can be verified and matched up with the Fiddler metrics.


The Second May-11 release

The new version released today has the following enhancements:. 1. Improved accuracy of primary requests recognition. It is recommended to pause for at least 5 seconds between mouse clicks when recording test case. 2. Improved accuracy of replaying recorded think time.


The second May-11 Pro release

The new Pro version released today has all of the enhancementsof the free version and the following additional features:. 1. In Test Case area, Page Settings configuration was added. This is where the user can view and change recorded think times (read why it is developed). 2.


Pro Edition beta (Part 2)

Pro Edition beta - Part 1 is here. 4. Page Details grid. StresStimulus groups one primary and multiple dependent requests from the same web page and aggregates their performance characteristics. Page Details grid displays every page avg. response time from the end-user prospective.


Pro Edition beta (Part 1)

Pro Edition beta release today has the following features:. 1. Save / Open Test. User can save test and reopen it at later time from StresStimulus main menu. All settings, including test configuration, test case, parameterization and datasets, are saved in Fiddler/StresStimulus folder. 2.