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What's new in v1.5, Part 6 - Support for external SQL Server, test comparison and more.

Update: The final version of V1.5 with 40+ features is released on 3/1/12.


V1.5 beta, final updates added support for external SQL Server, test comparison as well as several other enhancements and fixes of issues reported by StresStimulus community. We realize we wouldn't be where we are today without the continued support of the community and our biggest thanks go to each of you!


1. Support for external SQL Server (was requested by the community), removed the 4 GB limit that exist in the embedded SQL Server CE. Users who have a full MSSQL server license will virtually have no limit of the test size. By default StresStimulus uses embedded SQL Server CE. To use the full SQL Server, select this option in Test Configuration -> Result Storage.




After that, click the Connection button to enter the connection information and user credentials and click "Create/Check DB" to create a new database or verify connection to the existing database.




2. Comparing tests. Now you can compare several test runs side-by-side. Check the "select" boxes for several result sets and click "Compare Results" on the toolbar to generate Test Run Comparison report with test summary comparison.




Need to track the efficiency of your performance optimization process? Run your baseline test before the optimization. After each performance improvement, re-run the test. With a few mouse clicks create the Test Run Comparison report to track how efficient was each of your improvements. You can mix test result sets stored in the embedded SQL server CE (smaller database icons) and the full SQL Server (larger database icons).



3. Regular expressions and wildcards support for find/replace functionality in Parameterization Editor (was requested by the community). Parameterization Editor will automatically appear when you select any requests (i.e. POST or GET), except those that are formatted as name/value pairs. Parameterization Editor is used to configure parameterization in AJAX / XML / free format requests that are frequently used in RIA (such as Silverlight), Web services, mobile and AJAX applications. The new enhancement simplifies configuration of requests with many complex parameterization rules.




4. Easy host replace. If you recorded test case against one host, let's say your production server, and wish to load test this test case against another host, let's say your test server, it is easy to do now by clicking the "Change Host" button located in the "Other Options" section. This will launch the Fiddler's "Host Remapping" window that will allow you to retarget requests from one host to another. For more details how to use Host Remapping window, read this article


To navigable to other parts of the v1.5 release notes, click the links below:


v1.5 beta is available for download here.


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