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What's new in v1.5, Part 1 - Test Case

Update: The final version of V1.5 with 40+ features is released on 3/1/12.


V1.5 beta, released today, added support for JSON and XML parameterization along with more than 2 dozen other enhancements.
In the Test Casesection the following elements are added:


1. Recorded errors:the number of errors in the test case recording is displayed here.



2. Show/Verify action links.Each of three Show action links allow displaying in the Fiddler grid primary request sessions, all sessions or sessions with errors respectively. The Verify action links starts test case verification.

New node Verify Test Case is created with the following elements and functionality:

3. Verify the Test Case node.Verify Test Case is now a separate node in the "Test Case" section on the StresStimulus navigation tree. When verifying the Test Case, the test runs one time in debug mode.



4. Show action links. Each of three Show action links allow displaying all replayed sessions or replayed sessions in the Fiddler grid with errors or warnings.

5. Verifying the test case by comparing replayed and recorded sessions. StresStimulus compares responses of the replayed and recorded sessions and razes errors and warnings if necessary. Errors and warnings are displayed in the grid on the data pane.

Errors are raised in the following cases:
· the response codes don't match,
· an error is received in the response.

Warnings are raised when:
· The replayed and recorded response content lengths are substantially different.
· The first request in the test case is not primary. The beginning of the test case may be missing.
· The first request in the test case contains ASP.NET_SessionId cookie. The beginning of the test case may be missing.

6. Displaying corresponding recorded and replayed sessions. For easy troubleshooting, select the test case sessions that have an error or warning, right-click and select "show sessions". Fiddler grid will display corresponding recorded and replayed sessions to simplify that comparison.

7. Comparing replayed session with corresponding recorded session.Right-click and select "compare sessions" to launch Windiff utility that automatically compares request / response header and body of replayed and corresponding recorded sessions.


8. Support multi-part forms.Two improvements are added for multipart forms: support for autocorrelation and parameterization.


To navigable to the other parts of the v1.5 release notes, click the links below:



v1.5 beta is available for download here.

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