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Load testing with authentication

In StresStimulus you can emulate multiple VUs with different credentials. The required configuration will depend on the type of authentication your application uses.


  1. If your application uses Basic authentication, then in the Authentication area specify the correct usernames and passwords for your virtual users. You can import users' credentials from a .csv file with the same 3 columns as in the grid by clicking the "Import" button.



  1. If your application uses Windows integrated authentication (NTLM / Kerberos), then use the same approach as above, but also populate the Domain column.


  1. If your application uses the form-based authentication, where credentials are sent via post request, use the Parameterization section. To do so:
    • Record a test case that includes log-in page navigation.

    • Create a .csv file, where each record contains a valid user name and a password. If store the credentials in Excel file, save it as .csv.

    • Go to the Test Case-> Parameterization -> Data Sources,  and add the .csv file. You can change the Data Source name to a meaning full name, let say "TestUsers"




    • Click on the arrow down on the “Show …  “ split button and select “show test case request - Primary”. After that select the log-in page in the Fiddler grid.
    • Go to the Test Case-> Parameterization -> Requests and databind the user name and the password fields with the .csv file columns. ; select VU-bound data-binding method.






To read more about the data-binding methods, check this blog, item #3.

To read more about parameterization check this section of the paper at about advanced StresStimulus features:




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