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Pro Edition beta (Part 1)

Pro Edition beta release today has the following features:


1. Save / Open Test.User can save test and reopen it at later time from StresStimulus main menu. All settings, including test configuration, test case, parameterization and datasets, are saved in Fiddler/StresStimulus folder.




2. Built-in Perfmon. Up to four out of hundreds of Windows performance counters can be graphed in real time during the load test. In Load Test Configuration click Select Performance Counters and navigate through familiar Perfmon UI. Performance Counters graph is displayed under the Key Indicators. Each of the graphs can be maximized.



3. Data-binding methods in parameterization. Three mechanisms of traversing datasets for parameterization are available:

  • Sequential (default) - dataset rows are selected in round-robin order as they got consumed by every parameterized request of every VU on every iteration. Every parameter has its own independent counter of the next data set row to be used.
  • Random - dataset rows are selected randomly.
  • VU-Bound - every user is assigned a row, which is used on all iterations. For example, if dataset contains unique credentials, then every VU will use the same credentials throughout the test.

To change Data-binding method for a request parameter use dropdown in Data-binding column.



Continue reading Pro Edition beta - Part 2. To use the Pro Edition beta update to the new version and click Use Pro beta. For more information about Pro edition read this blog and FAQ.


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