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Pro Edition beta (Part 2)

Pro Edition beta - Part 1 is here.


4. Page Details grid.StresStimulus groups one primary and multiple dependent requests from the same web page and aggregates their performance characteristics. Page Details grid displays every page avg. response time from the end-user perspective. More page performance characteristics will be added to this grid in future.



5. Manual override of requests' Primary/Dependent tagging.When a new test case is set, StresStimulus automatically groups individual requests into web pages, and marks primary requests (as determined by a heuristic algorithm) in bold. Since the algorithm is not always correct, you can manually override StresStimulus tagging in test case. Select sessions in Fiddler grid, right-mouse click and change the tagging as necessary in StresStimulus Commands context menu. We will continue working to increase the accuracy of the heuristic algorithm.



6. Test Debug Mode.In debug mode all sessions are displayed in Fiddler grid in real-time and response bodies are not purged to help troubleshoot test execution.



To use the Pro Edition beta update to the new version and click Use Pro beta. For more information about the Pro edition read this blog and FAQ.

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