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The second May-11 Pro release

The new Pro version released today has all of the enhancementsof the free version and the following additional features:


1. In Test Case area, Page Settings configuration was added. This is where the user can view and change recorded think times (read why it is developed).



2. Page timeout was implemented, configurable in Page Settings grid (default is 60 seconds). Page timeout error is triggered when any of the page session's response time exceeds the Timeout. Page timeout errors are displayed in progress bar's error counter and in the summary report. Also, if displayed after test completion, the timeout sessions are showed in Fiddler grid in red.


3. Added an option to export graph results into .csv format. This feature was suggested yesterday by Patricia.



4 - Allowed unrestricted test duration due to improved test memory management.


5. Added an option to filter-out dependent requests from the test sessions displayed in Fiddler after test completion. To use this option, select "Primary" in Load Test Configuration -> Other Options.



The new version is available via auto-update or here.

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