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Announcing StresStimulus Pro beta

Summary: Find out why StresStimulus Pro, and why it will make the free StresStimulus better.


At Stimulus Technology we believe that websites should be fast because it makes the lives of end-users and web professionals better. The ultimate real-world web performance test is a load test. However, outside of the population of performance professionals and testers, it is not used broadly enough. By “broadly enough” we mean that every website should be load tested, except those that are meant to be used by a single user. Therefore we developed the free StresStimulus Fiddler extension to help everyone, primarily outside the circle of performance specialists to easily check how well their websites scale. This is our way of giving back to the community.

We are truly amazed by the reception StresStimulus is getting. On one hand we are very pleased with the interest, geography, and feedback it receives. After thousand of downloads from 80+ countries, a number of favorable blogs and user compliments we are convinced that developing StresStimulus was the right step. We are also convinced that the success of StresStimulus is largely predicated by robustness of Fiddler, the amazing web debugging proxy by Eric Lawrence. A synergy of load testing add-on integrated with a debugging tool creates unique benefits to its users.


load testing gone south


On the other hand we were truly surprised how many performance engineers and testers have attempted to use StresStimulus for load testing of highly dynamic, complex, and sizable web applications and web services. We received numerous feature requests that are way outside the scope of the original idea of StresStimulus as a tool for non-performance professionals. While deeply caring about the usability of StresStimulus by our community users, we feel that it is necessary to address the needs of our pro users as well. Our answer to them is the Pro edition which we are announcing today. StresStimulus Pro will be an easy to use yet capable load testing product for performance conscious organizations and professionals who choose to add it to their arsenal of performance optimization tools. Expect to see dozens of new features in StresStimulus Pro some of which you can start using today.


Note to our community users: we will continue enhancing the free StresStimulus and dedicate even more resources to its support thanks to additional focus that StresStimulus Pro edition is receiving. Released today version includes several features requested by the community, enhancements and bug fixes.


To start using Pro, after installing the new version click Use Pro beta. We invite you to try it. It is free for duration of the beta, no registration or additional installation is required and you can switch between editions in 2 clicks as many times as you wish.

For more information check release notes and FAQ about PRO beta.

Happy load testing!
Stimulus Technology

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