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How to edit Test Case requests

A user emailed a question “How to manually modify the sessions in the test case so I can, for example, remove cookies from a request?” While responding to him I thought that this tip may be helpful to others users of both Pro and Free editions.

Test case editing in StresStimulus is not developed yet, but the following workaround can be used: a  modified test case based on the existing case can be created using Fiddler breakpoint feature.  Fiddler allows setting a breakpoint by specifying a particular URI to break at.  Let say you need to remove a cookie                 user=name=admin&NTLM=0; from the request to default.aspx page and make several more changes in other requests. Here are the steps to achieve this:


1.Open the original test case.

2.Create a breakpoint using the QuickExec box (it is the black text-box below the session view grid). Type bpu < the URIs string>, for example

bpu /default.aspx

(for QuickExec commands See




3.Delete all sessions from the Fiddler grid.

4.In StresStimulus click Run Test Case Once.


5.Fiddler will start capturing the original test case sessions, will pause before sending the desired sessions and mark them with the red icon.

6.Select each paused session and make necessary changes using Raw or WebForms inspector. You can change URL, remove a cookie or make any other change.

7.Click green button “Run to completion”, so Fiddler will continue capturing the modified sessions.

8.Optionally modify the breakpoint URIs string or remove breakpoints by running a new bpu command in the QuickExec box.

9.Once the Test run is complete, select all the sessions and set a new case. It should contain all original sessions with the changes that you have made.

10.Make sure that all breakpoints are removed by hitting <Shift><F11>

11.If you do not wish to override the original test case, use Save As command to save the new test case with a different name.



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