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Completed feature requests in new version

New version release today has the following new features:

Features requested by the community :

1. Parameterization of POST requests with a query string. When selecting a Post request that has a query string in Fiddler grid, the radio button option (Form/Query String) allows to toggle between entering two types of parameters (read why it is developed).


2. Nested cookie support. Use '=' character in cookie's value for nested cookies (read why it is developed).

Other Features:


3. New counters on the Progress bar. Two new counters: Errors and Pending Requests, make it easier to track test progress. Also, now you can minimize Progress Bar to saves screen real estate.



4. StresStimulus Main Menu. Some of the options are moved to the Main Menu for more consistent navigation.



5. Increased accuracy of page requests grouping and primary requests recognition.


All known bugs are fixed, so if you've reported one, be sure it is fixed.


The new version is available here. Try advanced features in Pro edition (read this blog about Pro edition and FAQ)






  • If you report a bug -- be sure it was fixed.
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