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StresStimulus 3.0 Part 2 - Standalone Features

Since the standalone version is Fiddler independent, it implements certain functionality that isn't available in add-on version.


1. Standalone version compatibility with Fiddler. Standalone StresStimulus implements its own proxy listening on port 49386 (configurable, from the main menu -> Options -> StresStimulus Options. So, it does not require Fiddler to be installed. However, it can coexist with Fiddler. You can even run Fiddler and standalone version at the same time. Furthermore, when recording a test case in StresStimulus, Fiddler will capture the same sessions because both proxies will be automatically chained. You cannot however use the integrated version when the standalone version is running and vice versa.


2.Main menu. Unlike the integrated version, standalone version has its own main menu with multiple top-level items. So, instead of being stacked in one item like in the integrated version, main menu options are better organized and adhere more to standards.


3. Host remapping. Host remapping feature allows to re-target the host, which was used to record a test case, to a host, which should be load tested. In the previous versions, StresStimulus utilized Fiddler's host remapping option. V3.0 implements its own host remapping.


4. Sessions per host. After completing a test case recording, the test case hosts window displays the number of captured sessions per host. You can sort by session column. Frequently hosts with small number of sessions (like or are not associated with the tested application and should be deleted.


5. Simplified HTTPS support. In the previous versions, StresStimulus utilized Fiddler's HTTPs configuration options. 3.0 implements its own HTTPs settings. If support for HTTPs is not enabled, StresStimulus displays an instruction on how to enable it.


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