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Load Testing Integrated into your Toolset Why load testing web site performance.

Performance Tool every Web Professional should have

Developers: If you are developing applications with scalability in mind, StresStimulus will help you pinpoint performance bottlenecks under load.
Fiddler user: Fiddler helps to analyze performance of web pages accessed by a single user. However, your application will serve many users, and with StresStimulus you can troubleshoot its performance under load using Fiddler debugging capabilities. Read more..
Test analysts and performance engineers: Try how easy it is to configure a load test of the most complex web applications in StresStimulus. Read more..
Website stakeholders: Find answers on many performance questions about your website using StresStimulus. Read more..

What is StresStimulus: a load and stress testing tool.
When to use: for performance testing websites, web applications,
                            web services and mobile apps of any complexity.
Where to use: on-premises or from the cloud.
Who should use it: developers, QA professionals and organizations.
Why StresStimulus: feature-complete, works with or without Fiddler,
           easier-to-learn and use, trusted by thousands of organizations,
          flexible licensing, budget-friendly pricing, caring support.

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StresStimulus Highlights

Load test your website, service or mobile app. more
Simulate real-life load scenarios. more
Set on-premise or cloud-based test rig with ease. more
Troubleshoot performance issues. more
Performance analytics relevant to your user base. more
Supports all major Web & Enterprise app. platforms. more
Get frequent updates with enhancements. more
Enterprise support + professional community. more
Flexible licensing + budget friendly pricing. more

      Latest Releases

V4.2 released today, brought the depth of performance reporting in load tests to a new level. It added multiuser waterfall analysys, more
V4.0 went live today with 50+ features. It brought all new performance analytics, reporting and added Linux/Unix servers monitoring. more
V3.7 launched today removes the guesswork from load testing thanks to a new test wizard. Killer autocorrelation saves 80% of the time spent more
V3.5 released today, targets Enterprise QA and development teams, simplifies performance testing of complex sites. more

      Awards and in the Press

Dr. Dobb's named StresStimulus one of the 3 Best Testing Tools of 2014 honoring it with the Jolt Productivity Award. "Overall, StresStimulus is a very nice tool more
TechNet Magazine in its review of StresStimulus pointed out that " could save you a few headaches, wasted time and money." more
Tools Journal named StresStimulus A Hot Favorite among Web Testers. "Unlike other load testing products it allows you to have your first load test running within a few minutes ... more

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