An easier way to Load Test

complex Websites and Enterprise Applications

The Web Performance Testing Solution

Performance testing tool for websites

Simulate real-life load scenarios

Configure test parameters to replicate how visitors use your website. Mimic a realistic mix of test cases, browsers and networks to generate actual load on web and database servers. No scripting is required, but it is available.

Performance testing tool for web applications

Troubleshoot performance issues

Monitor performance of handling every HTTP transaction by web and database server under load. Pinpoint pages and requests that require optimization. Isolate performance bottlenecks and poorly scaling application areas.

A Tool for on-premise load testing

Set on-premise or cloud-based test rig with ease

Use options available in enterprise-grade testware to configure distributed test with multiple load generators and consolidated reporting.

Stress testing analytics

Performance analytics relevant to your user base

Analyze application responsiveness from users' prospective based on performance statistics aggregated for hundreds and thousands of virtual users. Select from dozens of real-time graphs to gauge your application scalability.

Start load testing in minutes

"My experience with load testing has dramatically changed since I started using StresStimulus."

- Manuel Crespo, QA Manager, Essilor

"Beyond the product capabilities, the customer support I've received from StresStimulus has been best in class."

- Mike Denney, QA Performance Engineer, Preventice