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New features in v1.2 final release - Part 2

This is the second post describing new features in the v1.2.


6. Simplify test case verification by presenting visually web pages navigation. It is recommended to validate new test cases by clicking "Verify Test Case". In v1.2, while StresStimulus replays the navigating scenario in debug mode, Fiddler automatically switches to the web view of the Inspectors tab, and the browser object displays the sequence of web pages. This helps to quickly determine whether the test case is replayed correctly. For example, if the pages in the browser object repeatedly display login screen or error messages, it is an indication of authentication or session integrity issues.



7. Editing request parameters. In the previous versions, recorded request parameters could be replaced by dataset values. In 1.2, any recorded Get or Post request value can be also replaced by another constant value.




8. Editing page title, better reporting of Ajax and Silverlight/Flash requests. StresStimulus extracts page title tag and presents it not only on the Page Settings grid in the Test Case section, but also includes it in the HTML report. Additionally, the page title can be overridden not only in the Page Settings grid, but also by adding a comment in the Fiddler grid. This makes it easier to associate pages with user scenario actions. Follow these steps: when recording a test case using recorder, track how sessions appear in Fiddler. Select the sessions that appeared first after the user's actions, right-click, select “Comment”, and enter meaningful names or descriptions of such actions.


This feature is especially helpful to appropriately mark and report Ajax or Silverlight/Flash requests. Such sessions typically do not have the title tag in the response, and StresStimulus does not identify them as primary requests. As a result such sessions are treated as dependent request that have less information on the report. To improve their reporting, enter the comments as described above. After the recording is complete and the Recorder is closed, select the commented sessions, right-click, select “StresStimulus Commands” and click “Mark Selected Sessions as Primary”. These sessions will appear in the Page Settings grid in the Test Case section and will be treated as “pages” for reporting purposes. They also will be clearly associated with user's actions.



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