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What's new in v1.5, Part 4 - large tests

Update: The final version of V1.5 with 40+ features is released on 3/1/12.


V1.5 beta update, released today, includes the embedded SQL Server database repository to substantially expand the capacity of handling large tests, and several other enhancements.


1. The maximum test duration is increased by 1-2 orders of magnitude, while using the same hardware. Also, more virtual users can be handled without overloading test machines or throwing out of memory exceptions.


We tested the update on a 32-bit Amazon instance with Windows 2008 SP2 server and 1.7 GB or RAM simulating 1,000 VUs. The test was stopped after 13 hours when it hit about 5.7 million sessions and generated 3.9 GB of session and analytic data stored in the database.


Since the SQL Server integration is implemented strictly internally, there is no change in the StresStimulus UI. The size of the StresStimulus installer is still under 1.6 MB. The SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP2 will be downloaded (~3MB) and installed automatically during the StresStimulus installation. Once installed, it will not be installed again during StresStimulus updates.


2. Expanded charts capacity. Previously every graph could display a maximum of 1000 points. It was sufficient to plot performance data for only about the last 85 minutes with a 5-second sample rate. This update allows to display a virtually unlimited number of graph points.


3. Added support for CSV files, exported from Excel, with the values containing "comma" characters.


To navigable to other parts of the v1.5 release notes, click the links below:


v1.5 beta is available for download here.

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