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We are excited to announce the release of v4. 3 today. Main focus:The main focus of v4. 3 was in 3 areas:. Raising flexibility and productivity of test configuration and scripting;. Increasing application performance visibility and reporting customization;.


V4.3 - INTRO

V4. 3 public beta was launched today. The purpose of the new version is to:. widen the range of web frameworks and enterpriseapplications supported out-of-the-box. increase productivity of scripting to the highest level available in the industry.


V4.3 Maintenance Update 1

V4. 3 Maintenance Update 1 was released today, It includes several fixes, as well as the following enhancements:. 1. New method of finding dynamic variables. Previous versions offered a method of finding dynamic parameters missed by autocorrelation by Comparing Recorded and Replayed Sessions.