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V4.3 Maintenance Update 1

V4.3 Maintenance Update 1 was released today, It includes several fixes, as well as the following enhancements:


1. New method of finding dynamic variables. Previous versions offered a method of finding dynamic parameters missed by autocorrelation by Comparing Recorded and Replayed Sessions. The new update offers a second method of finding dynamic parameters by Comparing Two Recorded Sessions.


2.Finding the next difference when comparing sessions. In previous versions, to pinpoint some dynamic parameters that need to be created, you had to scroll through two compared session manually and pay attention to the differences. Now you can quickly traverse through the differences by clicking Highlight the Next Difference.

3. Better dataset readability. In the previous version, only alphanumeric characters were permitted for dataset definitions. In this version, using a space and many special characters as a part of the dataset and field names is permitted which allows better script readability.

4. Easier dataset import. Now you can import Excel worksheets (as CSV files) even if some column names in the Excel worksheet are missing, StresStimulus will create them using the format "column_XX". You can rename them in StresStimulus after the data set is created.  

5. Full support for Extractors from JSON responses. Some JSON responses use Escaped Hex encoding. For example, character '#' is encoded as '\x23'. In the previous versions, extractors from JSON with such encoding do not work, because the server expects decoded values in the requests. The new version added support for such situations. A property Escaped Hex Decoding is added in the extractors. To handle such situations, simply turn this property on. 

Several other minor UI enhancements.

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