Load Testing Secure Websites

Learn to configure a test machine to record a test case prior to load testing secure web applications. Tips on installing a Root Certificate.

HTTPS, Certificate, FireFox, Fiddler


Welcome to StresStimulus video training. In this video we will learn how to load-test secure websites. More and more websites today transmit data using HTTPS. Before testing secure sites, a special "Root Certificate" should be installed on the web browsers that you will use for recording your test cases. This is a very simple process and you have to do it only once per machine. In the main menu, go to Options and then to HTTPS. In the appeared dialog, check "Enable testing over HTTPS". Then click Yes to install the root certificate into the system certificate store. This will automatically enable all main browsers, except Firefox, to record secure test cases. In Firefox you have to install the root certificate manually because it does not use the system certificate store. First click "Export Root Certificate" and save the certificate. Then, open Firefox. In the main menu select "Tools", "Options". In the "Options" dialog, click "Advanced" and select the Certificates tab. Click "View Certificates". Select the “Authorities” tab. Click "Import" and select the path where I saved the certificate. Select the first checkbox "Trust this CA to Identify Websites". Click OK twice and you are done. Now you are ready to load test secure websites. You do not have to remember if HTTPS is enabled in a specific browser. StresStimulus will remind you to enable HTTPS before you start recording the test case if necessary, so you will never make a mistake. Thank you for watching.