Getting Started Videos

Watch five 2-4 minute introductory videos to learn how to run a simple load test from start to finish and analyze the website's performance.

Install StresStimulus in two minutes.
Watch Duration 1:56

Learn how to record a test case and annotate transactions using Test Wizard.
Watch Duration 2:19

Learn how to configure the recorded test case and get ready for performance testing using the wizard.
Watch Duration 3:06

Learn how to start the load test and monitor key performance indicators of a website under the test.
Watch Duration 3:04

Learn how to analyze test results and how to determine the number of users your website can handle.
Watch Duration 3:52

How-To Videos

Each of these mini-videos explain how to perform a specific load testing task or address a specific performance testing question.

Learn how to test a website with multiple user logins. When Form authentication is used, follow a simple process to add multiple credentials.
Watch Duration 3:32

Learn how to test the performance of a web application with multiple logins with Server authentication. Follow a simple process to add user credentials to the test wizard.
Watch Duration 2:37

Learn to configure a test machine to record a test case prior to load testing secure web applications. Tips on installing a Root Certificate.
Watch Duration 2:07

Learn how to test the performance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by recording any user scenario and correlating a load test without writing a single line of script.
Watch Duration 10:12

Watch how to record a Microsoft Dynamics CRM performance testing scenario and run a load test with emulated data without coding.
Watch Duration 8:24

Watch how to perform a load test of a file upload scenario in Microsoft SharePoint 2016 using dataset with multiple files.
Watch Duration 3:53

Learn how to fix Visual Studio web test playback errors and configure dynamic parameters automatically using Web Test Builder.
Watch Duration 5:42