What is at Stake

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading ERP platform which stands out because of its customizability and extensibility. Like in all Enterprise applications, its performance becomes a key factor of user productivity and system efficiency. The Dynamics CRM framework is designed for performance, however adding components and plug-ins, implementing customizations, bloating database tables and a growing user base will inevitably take a toll on its responsiveness. The timely discovery of performance vulnerabilities is vital to the overall success of your implementation.

Why Load Test

  • How many users can your Dynamics CRM organization site handle?
  • How did your latest system upgrade affect application performance, stability and user experience?
  • What component or software transaction added the most to the users' wait time?
  • How beneficial was your latest performance optimization effort?
These and many other essential questions can be reliably answered only through realistic load testing.

One Tough Cookie

Creating a load test that works is notoriously difficult for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Hard-to-fix script errors occur because its underlying architecture overwhelmingly uses anti-forgery and other security tokens, cookies, and layered authentication schemas. Also it, unconventionally, includes application data in HTTP headers and assigns a supernormal number of dynamic identifiers. As a consequence, regardless of what load testing tool you use, you would run into numerous test script errors. Until recently...

StresStimulus' Solution

With the latest version of StresStimulus, you can record any Dynamics 365 / CRM scenario and then play it back without errors to realistically emulate your entire user base. Whether you use Dynamics CRM online or on premise, the test wizard will walk you through the steps of recording and verifying your test case, configuring the amount of load, running the test and generating a wide range of performance reports. You can record user actions from a web browser, Unified Service Desk or any other HTTP fat client. StresStimulus automatically generates a script that correctly handles virtually all dynamic parameters, so you can spend less time configuring your test and more time pinpointing performance vulnerabilities. In the rare occasion when StresStimulus autocorrelation engine misses a dynamic parameter, you can schedule a support session where one of our performance testing consultants will create it manually in front of you (available to trial users and customers with Premium Support).

Load Testing a Dynamics CRM Scenario

How to test performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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