What users around the world say about StresStimulus

"I have been evaluating many load and performance testing tools for a while now by searching for the top 10 and best known tools according to my peers. The evaluations ended with various degrees of success and most had some negatives like too expensive, lacking some features, not intuitive enough etc. Then by chance I stumbled upon a little known tool named StresStimulus and I am perplexed that this tool is not rated in the top ten or even top 3 as it ticks all the boxes for me and is by far the easiest adaption from Visual Studio for web load testing. So if you are in the market for a new modern web performance test replacement tool checkout StresStimulus , you too might be pleasantly surprised." (Posted on Performance Testing/Automation Testing group on LinkedIn)

David Fourie, SA Labs Performance Analytics Team, K2, South Africa

"StressStimulus has provided us a level of visibility into the performance of our products that we’ve never had before. It played an essential role in tuning the performance of a recent release, and we’ve started using it for two additional product lines. The tool is powerful and easy to use. We were able to produce a performance test in 4 days after unsuccessfully trying to produce the same test with Jmeter and Blazemeter for over two weeks. The ability to define transactions is key, and the reporting options are fantastic. The product support is excellent also: responses come quickly and are very helpful. I’d recommend StressStimulus to anyone looking for a top notch load testing tool."

Mike O’Connor, Senior QA Automation Engineer, Newmarket, an Amadeus Company

"I've used several load testing tools over the years, and have been very impressed with StresStimulus. With it, I've been able to quickly find bottlenecks in critical customer scenarios that our development team in turn fixed. This allowed us to increase scaling capabilities.

Several StresStimulus' capabilities were key for our testing including: automatic correlation, self-verification, ability to parameterize hundreds of sessions with one find/replace, robust parameterization options for choosing dataset values, the ability to monitor multiple servers and the ease of testing multiple workloads from secure web apps and secure mobile devices.

Beyond the product capabilities, the customer support I've received from StresStimulus has been best in class. Not only do they answer how-to questions quickly, but they also implemented new functions for more complicated tests we required. Working with StresStimulus made my job easier and more efficient."

Mike Denney, Quality Assurance Performance Engineer, Preventice, US

"Today our team managed to successfully diagnose and fix a major issue with our CRM system (which has been plaguing us for months) using StresStimulus to measure the effect of configuration changes on page load performance. Without this tool, it would not have been possible to drive Microsoft to provide us with a solution. Many thanks to StresStimulus team for creating such a great product!"

Gui Vöhringer, Business Analyst, Intertrust Group, Netherlands

"I have become a big fan of this tool and it has made the task of scripting tests for CRM so easy for me. Also the support I have received so far has been amazing. Kudos to the team at StresStimulus!"

Sujay Barooah, Test Analyst, Datacom, New Zealand

"StressStimulus provided us a very high level of support. We have had issues where we needed Webex sessions and it was done.

Email response always good. I had been a Loadrunnner user for a long time. The support makes the difference to me."

Harry Finks , Senior Performance & Functional Automation Engineer, AssureCare

"My experience with load testing has dramatically changed since I started using StresStimulus. Previously I had been working with other much more expensive tools that have less functionality and worse customer support.

One of StresStimulus's benefits is perfect integration with Fiddler, which makes it even easier to find results, help with parameterization or replay a request. Parameterization, which used to be my major nightmare with other testing tools, became an extremely easy task with StresStimulus.

A strong point of StresStimulus is that they upgrade their product constantly, adding useful new features. Normally I run a performance test campaign once a month. Today I just found the parameter finder, an intelligent wizard which suggested improvements in my previous parameterizations.

Another strong point of the tool is their fast support department. My questions were answered the same day. Plus this is a company that listens to their customers, because all improvements that I requested have been developed. With them, I have the feeling that they work just for me."

Manuel Crespo, QA Manager, Essilor Europe, Spain

"StresStimulus is no doubt a robust and flexible system. Yet, it's very simple to use. Tweaking the stress test specifications to allow a combination of different browsers, connection speed and much more are minimized to a few clicks. Meaningful reports can easily be generated and indeed have helped me make many right decisions.

What impresses me the most is the quick response and dedicated support that the StresStimulus team provides. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure my utmost satisfaction.

After the many resources that I have exploited, I cannot be happier for finally stumbling upon StresStimulus. It is definitely worth every penny."

Johnson Mak, Director, Center for Ecommerce and Business Analytics, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Utah State University

"Measuring web performance under different load conditions is an overwhelming task. Yet, with StresStimulus it becomes much easier. With this user-friendly and powerful tool, I ran my first distributed web performance test after a couple of minutes. Highly adjustable to customers´ needs, StresStimulus generates comprehensive and accurate test reports that enabled me to take the right decisions in server architecture design and web services optimization.

As for the StresStimulus team support, I witnessed a "five star" service even during the trial period. I have never experienced such a proactive and enthusiastic support. When I asked for additional software customizations, the StresStimulus team implemented them within a couple of weeks. Also, it has one of the best price/quality ratios among similar solutions. I highly recommend this tool."

Zsolt Hollo, Business Analyst, Tekla Corporation, Finland

"The developers in our organization have been using Fiddler for years. We recently started using StresStimulus to test the scalability of our Web components. StresStimulus has helped us find performance and behavior problems in our client and server components under load.

During recent troubleshooting for one of our Silverlight applications, we used the "Upload Support Case" option to send a troubling test case to StresStimulus support ,and they responded immediately with a recommendation on how to solve our problem. Their recommendation worked and we're happily testing!

Thanks SS!! We're happy with this affordable tool."

Dale Seegmiller, DR Systems, US

"We needed a robust, flexible and - above all - easy to use load testing solution. We had already used and loved Fiddler, so when we heard about StresStimulus and its very reasonable pricing scheme, we gave it a try. We've been very happy with StresStimulus so far, and plan to use it for many future projects."

Jonathan Powers, Laserfiche, US

"I knew Fiddler for years and I was very satisfied with this tool that often helped me. When I discovered StresStimulus, I found the answer to the question that I asked myself for a long time: how could I replay what is recorded in Fiddler, and simulate a stress test against my servers with many virtual users?

StresStimulus IS the answer. It is simple, reliable, fast, supports parameterization and - the icing on the cake - it supports Silverlight. I tried several other tools but I've never been satisfied. With StresStimulus, you can test your scenario and see the pages while the scenario is running!

Finally, I would like to congratulate the StresStimulus team for the REAL support that they provide. I never saw such quick response from a software publisher. Long life to StresStimulus!"

Thierry Schneider, IT, MLP. France

"After going through and trying out several products, it became clear that StresStimulus was the product to go with. The support is great, every time during the trial period I was able to ask questions and get answers, and talk to support on the phone. The tool is easy to use and the results are understandable. Having the ability to test a large amount of users during the trial period made it much easier to decide versus other products."

Jon Ballinger, Database Administrator, McCarter Theatre Center, US

" I have tried many different load testers on the market to no avail until I came across StresStimulus. I loved the minimal configuration required to quickly generate load tests. The integration with Fiddler was great and the host of options was plentiful for load testing.

Thanks to the StresStimulus team who have created such an excellent product and provided exceptional customer service. "

Hoang Nguyen, Systems Development Manager RPG CORPORATE, Australia

"I was assigned to a load and stress testing project and I tried and tested with quite a lot of tools like: JMeter, Dieseltest, OpenSta, WCAT, soapUI, loadUI, WAPT, Web Performance Load Tester and more. The tool with which the tests must be completed had to fulfill to a number of criteria:

* ease-of-use!;

* 1.000 VUs or more;

* support of the most important browsers (IE, Google Chrome, Firefox);

* enough parameters to create the right test (think time, duration, type of test etc.);

* enough performance indicators (raw data, statistical data, graphs etc.) for in-depth analysis.

Eventually I ran my load and stress tests with StresStimulus, simply because it passed all of the criteria, making it in my opinion the best tool around."

Fabien Lennertz, Sr. Test Analyst, CIMSOLUTIONS, Netherlands 

"Initial feedback is positive:

- Easy to use test case selection is straight forward.

- Clear results like the graphs and table and the Create Report is perfect for adding to documentation, wiki etc.

- Fiddler integration is the right placement."

Steven Bense, Fixed Income Development, Schroders, UK

"I've got the performance monitors working nicely and will be running tests throughout our next sprint. StresStimulus' integration with fiddler is excellent and makes this process much easier than that of WCAT... It already looks like we were able to find bottlenecks which might require us to re-examine our large data-transfer services."

Daniel Gioulakis, Innovative Data Solutions