For organizations that are shopping for a load testing tool and require a more in-depth StresStimulus trial and expeditious evaluation, we offer theĀ Enterprise Evaluation Program.

Program Benefits

Multiple Trials

Up to four consecutive weekly trials (or let us know if you need a longer trial).


Trial for Entire Team

Up to four participants from your organization.


Proof of Concept

Completing scripts for testing of any applications and scenarios of your choice to your requirements (number of test cases depends on the targeted license size). 

Test Configuration

We will configure scripts for your application test cases, or convert scripts created with your existing tool for free.


Who Should Use This Program

This evaluation program is for organizations that are looking to license a feature-complete load testing tool on a quarterly, annual or permanent basis.

No purchase necessary, but by joining the Enterprise Evaluation Program, you agree to target an Annual or Permanent licenses of Ent. or SP Editions.

If you wish to evaluate StresStimulus while keeping these low-cost options, consider requesting a standard trial.

Apply for the Enterprise Evaluation Program

Your welcome email will include:

  •  Your first 7-day trial activation key
  •  Link to schedule a welcome support and orientation session at a convenient time during the first week of your trial*
  •  Recommended training and support resources
*Attending the support session is required to receive the subsequent weekly trials.

We respect your privacy and never share your information.