Premium Support Tools and Services

With Premiums Support you receive tools and services which:

  • make issue resolution more efficient with less guesswork
  • make support communications easier to understand
  • make StresStimulus learning more comprehensive

Inspect My Test™

  • Have a question about configuring your test or fixing errors, but explaining your situation in an email or a phone call is too difficult? Use the Inspect my Test™ tool.
  • With a few mouse clicks, upload any part of your test to our secure Support Repository with your questions. Our load testing expert will examine your test and provide an answer or a solution. It's like having an on-site performance consultant included in your support plan.
  • Inspect my Test™ is located in the StresStimulus menu -> Support Options.

Test Script Configuration

  • Web 2.0 applications use dynamic server values, such as tokens, IDs and cookies. In order for a load test to maintain application integrity, correlation script must be created to process such values. StresStimulus has the most powerful auto-correlation engine that generates the required script which handles most of the server rallies variables for all web platforms and application frameworks. However, if some of the correlation is missing, we will create the required script for you.

Click-to-Schedule a Support Conference

  • Need a support session, but want to avoid hassles with coordination and reconciling time zone difference? Our support works on your schedule. Book a web conference with support at convenient time with a few mouse clicks.
  • In StresStimulus, click "Need Help" link to open your personalized support page. Select your time zone and choose a time slot that works best for you, from 2 hours to 7-days in advance.
  • Within seconds, receive an email invite. Click on a link to add the support session to your calendar.
  • Need to reschedule? Click a link in the invite to change your reservation.
  • Prior to the support session, receive an email-reminder with a link to join the web conference.

WebEx Meeting Center

  • Need hands-on assistance with your test in real-time? Let one of our StresStimulus experts help you with WebEx Meeting Center.
  • Join a screen sharing session, which you can arrange in advance with Click-to-Schedule tool (below) or request on-demand.
  • To connect to the audio conference, call a provided US-based number or use a computer headset with microphone, toll-free.
  • Invite up to six colleagues to join the web conference, so your entire team can benefit from the support meeting.
  • Use chat, file transfer, whiteboard or annotation tool to make communication with web meeting participants easier.
  • You can even video-record how one of our performance testing consultants operates StresStimulus, and use the video for training purposes.

Video Response

  • Need clarification on how to use complex load testing functionality, but want to avoid multiple support email roundtrips? Get a Video Response.
  • A support engineer assigned to your case will produce a screencast video that answers your specific question, or will find one of hundreds, under-a-minute instructional videos, closely related to your situation.
  • You will receive a link to the micro-training video made just for you.

Money-Back Guarantee

  • If at any time you decide that it is not worth paying for Premium Support, let us know and we will refund you the unused portion of the price you paid to upgrade to Premium Support.