Installing StresStimulus

In this video, you will learn how to install StresStimulus in 2 minutes. Learn how to run the installer when security settings do not allow to download programs. After the installation is complete, you can run either the standalone version of StresStimulus or the Fiddler add-on version.

performance testing tool, Fiddler add-on for load testing, web performance troubleshooting

In the next video you will learn how to record a test case using the wizard. Watch Test Wizard: Recording a Test Case Duration 2:19


Welcome to StresStimulus video training. In this video, I will show you how to install StresStimulus. The size of the standard installer is less than 6 megabytes in version 4.2. Typically, the installation takes under 2 minutes. Once you download the installer, double click it to start. Click "Next" at the welcome screen. Accept the License Agreement, and go to the next screen. The "Select Features" screen shows the components that will be installed. Microsoft SQL Compact Edition 3.5 is required. Additionally, there is a Fiddler add-on option to run StresStimulus inside Fiddler, which is a free web debugging proxy. This option will also install Fiddler if you don’t already have it. We recommend to keep this option as it will allow to use several additional performance troubleshooting tools with StresStimulus load tests. You will have a choice to run StresStimulus as a fiddler add-on or as a standalone tool. In the next step, choose the installation folder you wish to install to. After that, select the different shortcut options. You can add shortcuts to the desktop and the quick launch bar. Click "Next" to see the "confirm installation" screen, and then start the installation. The installer may need to download some external components, such as SQL Compact Edition. In this case, an internet connection is required. If your firewall does not allow to download programs, you should run the "Full installer" available on the StresStimulus website. It has all necessary components bundled together, except Fiddler. If you wish to have it, install it manually. Depending on your internet speed, the installation time can vary. Once the installer completed, click "Finish" to launch StresStimulus. Thank you for watching.