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STRESSTIMULUS 4.0 UPDATE 2/PART 2 - Other enhancements

1. A new splash screen brought a long overdue look enhancement to match the UI appeal.

2. New recorder: lightweight yet more powerful recorder:

  • No more issues communicating with StresStimulus because of its in-process implementation.
  • No more issues with IE add-on enabling/disabling because it is no longer an IE  add-on

3. New recorder: creating transactions while recording a test case - see

4. New recorder: setting transaction goal  while recording a test case.

5. New recorder: broader browser support. Manual cache clearing  is no longer required not only for IE but also for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. StresStimulus launches browsing in private mode that does not use browser cache - see

6. Quick Verify. Unlike the Full Verify method, providing a preview of web pages and therefore running slowly, the Quick Verify method provides faster verification - see

7. StresStimulus Forum feature: Added support for parameterization of values inside curly braces. this feature was requested here TRESSTIMULUS 4.0 UPDATE 2/PART 2 - Other enhancements

8. StresStimulus Forum feature: host remapping is now case insensitive. This feature was requested here


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