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We are excited to announce the release of v4.0 today.

Main focus: The main focus of v4.0 was to bring all new performance analytics that allow to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and anomalies under various load conditions quickly. Now users can easily locate problem areas by drilling down from the slowest transaction to the slowest page and request and quickly review their performance profiles. The reports are generated in separate tabs and feature multiple views presenting numerous aspects of application responsiveness. Because all views are hyperlinked and interconnected by rich navigation controls, users can complete application performance analysis very quickly and accurately.

What's New: Here are main v4.0 highlights:
Performance analytics and reporting

  • New test runtime dashboard provides all test execution instrumentation and real-time charts in one window. 
  • New Interactive graphs provide better data visualization and allow zooming in unusual patterns.
  • A page performance graph shows how many users it can handle.
  • Test report consists of hyperlinked HTML pages, one for each application transaction and webpage.
  • All pages' and transactions' failures are clearly highlighted with error, timeout, and missed goal statistics. 
  • Now you can retrieve sessions of a page or transaction with one click.

Other enhancements

  • New lightweight recorder supports all major browsers and allows to create transactions during recording.
  • Quick Verify feature saves time on test configuration.
  • Autocorrelation patterns for several Oracle and PeopleSoft applications were added.
  • Server monitoring is extended to Linux and UNIX platforms.

Over 50 features were added in all. The complete release notes start here.

Beta Expiration: If you installed the beta, it will expire in the next several weeks. You can replace it with the production version, available immediately.

Upgrades: All Full license holders with a current maintenance contract will receive the v4.0 free of charge.

Still evaluating StresStimulus? Your evaluation license is automatically transferred to the new version.

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