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V 4.0 public beta was launched today. The purpose of the new version is to completely rework the StresStimulus monitoring and reporting component. 

The main improvements in the new version are:

  • More visually appealing and customizable graphs
  • More monitoring points including individual pages and transactions
  • More detailed reporting
  • More visually appealing and customizable reports 
  • Monitoring of Linux / UNIX servers


The initial v4.0 public build will be followed by several subsequent releases in the upcoming weeks. The first two parts of the release notes describe what's new in today's version.


Licensing: After installation, v4.0 will honor your existing license. If you have a commercial or trial license for v3.7, then after installing v4.0 your current number of licensed VUs will be unlocked automatically without activation.


Backward compatibility: V4.0 is designed to be backward compatible, but not forward compatible. If you decided to go back to v3.7, make sure to keep the previous copies of the tests or save the v4.0 test under a different name.


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