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STRESSTIMULUS 4.0 PART 2- Other enhancements

1.     More complete reporting. Transaction details grid, contains the following additional parameters   

  • Errors % - % of transaction iterations with at least one error
  • Timeouts % - % of transaction iterations where a timeout was registered for at least one request
  • HTTP Errors - The total number of errors registered during all iterations
  • Timeouts - The total number of timeouts registered during all iterations


2.     In Request Details grid, Response Time Standard Deviation was added.


3.     Better emulation of webpage request concurrency. Dependent requests representing webpage resources, such as images or style sheets, are typically sent in parallel, using multiple connections. However, some dependent requests on a page must be issued sequentially, according to the page logic. For example, a video player on the page request subsequent video fragment after receiving and processing previous fragments. Some MIME types (e.g. Text/HTML) are always requested sequentially. In the current version you can add additional MIME types whose requests must be issued only after receiving all previous responses. This will prevent dependent requests of these types from being requested in parallel with other dependent requests on a page.

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4.0 is available here.

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