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STRESSTIMULUS 4.0 UPDATE 2/Part1 - Page/transaction analytics

Released today, v4.0 update 2 added individual page and transaction analytics, a more powerful recorder, and many other new features and enhancements. Part 1 of the release notes, describes test result enhancements.

1. Page & Transaction Result tabs display performance characteristics of a single page or a transaction registered during a particular test run - see 

2. Page & Transaction Summary view lists page or transaction basic performance metrics and failures - see

3. Page & Transaction Performance view presents a page or a transaction response timeline and its changes depending on the number of emulated VUs - see

4. Page & Transaction Failure views helps to analyze page or a transaction failures in absolute numbers and percentages, and their dependence on the number of VUs - see 

5. Page & Transaction Request View displays aggregated performance characteristics of each request related to a page or transaction in tabular form- see

6. Three ways to access Page/Transaction Result tab from the Test Result tab:

  • Page Details grid and Transaction Details grid, located in the Detail view on the Test Result tab, display hyperlinks to all pages and transactions. Click a hyperlink to open the corresponding Page Result or Transaction Result tab.
  • Summary view on the Test Result tab displays hyperlinks to up to 5 slowest pages and up to 5 transactions. Click a hyperlink to open a Page Result or Transaction Result tab.
  • Page and Transaction section of the Curve Grid located in the Graph View displays hyperlinks to all pages and transactions


7. Support for Default goal for pages and transactions. Now you can change the default goal for all pages and transactions at once and then modify it for pages and transactions that must have different goals - see

8. More accurate VU count. Previously, every instantiated VU was included in the VU count  until the test is complete. This approach did not take into consideration that some VUs can complete the test earlier than others and become inactive.  Current version supports count of Active VU iterating trough their respective test cases. VUs which completed all their iterations before the test end are excluded from the user count. Consequentially, if a test is configured to complete only after all VUs completes their iterations, then VU count graph will show a gradual decline of the number of VUs at the end of the test - see

9. Test result tabs have more user-friendly names in the following format: MM.DD-HH:MM

10. User count curve added to all graphs on the runtime dashboard and test results.


To navigate to other parts of the v4.0 release notes, click the links below:

4.0 is available here.

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