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The update released today includes the following enhancements:

1. Test wizard is expanded. Now the test wizard walks users not only through the test configuration and run, but also through the major  test results. Wizard steps are added:  summary report, page details, request details, VU details.

2. Wizard UI highlighting. As a user navigates through the Test Wizard steps, the corresponding areas of the UI are highlighted to indicate how to execute the same steps  outside the wizard. This simplifies StresStimulus adoption.

3. Enhanced Pro Edition. Added Parameter Finder and Parameter Creator, previously available only in Enterprise/SP Editions.

4. Substantially Enhanced Free Edition. The following features are added: Support for 250 VUs, Recorder, Test Wizard, autocorrelation, extractors, functions, custom errors, goals, test verification, session comparison inspector, parameterization of request header/URI/body, test case tree, extractor validation tree, drag-and-drop editing, randomize think times, browser/network mix, cache control emulation; multiple encodings (JSON, WCF, WCF binary, XML), host auto-filter.

Several bug fixes and enhancements are added.

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