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Jun 06, Update:  v3.7 went live today. In includes substantially expanded context- sensitive help linked with the new v3.7 Online User Guide

StresStimulus V3.7, released today substantially simplifies test case configuration. This result is achieved by two main factors: 

  • Test wizard. No more guessing about what to do next while configuring your test case. The wizard will guide you through all major steps of recording and configuring a test case.
  •  Killer autocorrelation. It finds and correlates hidden dynamic parameters in query string, body, header or restless URL in all web application platforms, even in binary or XML messages. In simple and medium tests cases, the entire parameterization is configured automatically. Also, it saves up to 80% of the time it takes to configure complex test cases. 


The initial v3.7  public build will be followed by several updates in the upcoming weeks. The first 2-part release notes describe what's new in today's version.

Licensing: After installation, v3.7 will honor your existing license. If you have a commercial or trial license for v3.5, then after installing v3.7 your current number of licensed VUs will be unlocked automatically without activation.


Backward compatibility: V3.7 is designed to be backward compatible, but not forward compatible. After opening a test saved in the earlier versions, you will receive the following message:

If you decided to go back to v3.5, make sure to keep the previous copies of the tests or save the v3.7 test under a different name.

To navigate to other parts of the v3.7 release notes, click the links below:

StresStimulus 3.7 is available here.

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