One of our performance testing consultants will give you a guided tour of how to test the performance of a sample Enterprise application with StresStimulus.

What's Included

  • Free 30-minute demo via WebEx during which we will show you how to setup and run a load test.
  • Book any available spot from our calendar at a convenient time up to 7-days in advance.
  • Invite up to six colleagues to join the web conference.


Training & Support Session Plan

Depending on your load test requirements, we will show you how to perform the following steps:

  • Recording a scenario to create a test case
  • Verifying the test case for errors
  • Correlating and parameterizing script with test data
  • Fixing all playback errors
  • Configuring the user load pattern
  • Setting up server monitoring
  • Running the test
  • Reviewing key performance metrics
  • Locating performance bottlenecks and hidden concurrency errors
  • Answering any questions you have


  • Complete the demo request form and describe your testing requirements in the comments.

If you would prefer to learn StresStimulus through your own application instead of a sample Enterprise application, click the button below.

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How to schedule your free demo

Click the button on the right and fill out the demo registration form. You will receive an email with instructions on scheduling your free demo at a convenient time.