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What's new in v2.5, Part 1 - New UI (Enterprise and Pro)


1. The Navigation Tree is expanded. This allows avoiding vertical scrolling and clicks to expand / collapse various sections of the tool. The Navigation Tree now shows a clear picture of StresStimulus top-to-bottom workflow, that makes load testing even easier.

2. The "out-of-style" push-buttons are replaced by the Global Toolbar.  This provides a more compact and uniform UI. The Global Toolbar is positioned above the Navigation Tree and is always visible.


3. Doubled the screen real estate for every StresStimulus window.  Each navigation tree section window is moved from the lower half of the screen to the right pane, where they occupy the full height of the StresStimulus window. This is especially beneficial for displaying graphs.

4. Dissimilar controls are replaced with standard toolbars.  Each navigation tree section control window, with multiple dissimilar controls, is moved from the upper half of the screen to the corresponding toolbar for a more compact and uniform access.


5. Many data grids are replaced with a combination of a corresponding tree view and a property grid.  This allows to implement a richer UI that is more consistent with StresStimulus's internal object design and therefore is easier to use.

6. Dissimilar window forms are replaced with the uniform property grids.  In 2.0 the window forms are used for data entry during adding or editing grid records. In v2.5, the same function is performed using property grid that not only provides a more compact UI, but better online documentation. Every configuration option is accompanied with its description that automatically appears on the bottom of the screen.


7. Reducing reliance on the Fiddler UI. In previous versions, StresStimulus users had to use the Fiddler session grid, which is a central point of its UI. In 2.5 it is still available, but no longer required to use StresStimulus. The Test Case Tree is a rich control, exposing test case objects, such as pages, sessions, extractors, parameters and validators.  In most cases the Test Case Tree is a better alternative to the Fiddler grid. A button on the Global Toolbar provides one click toggling between the grid and the tree. This change is made as a part of migration to the standalone StresStimulus version.


8. Better support of various display settings.  Substantial improvements were made to assure that StresStimulus UI works with various screen resolutions, DPI settings, aspect ratios, etc. In some rare cases throughout previous versions, changing the default DPI setting caused the buttons to cut off.


To navigate to other parts of the v2.5 release notes, click the links below:


V2.5 beta is available for download here.

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