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v2.5 update #2

Released today, V2.5 beta update #2 added the following features and enhancements:


1. XPath extractors. New extractor type allows extracting  a value from an XML response, using XPath query. This can be especially helpful in load testing web services. XPath language tutorial is available here




2. Option to select parameterization grid or parameterization editor.  In the previous versions, in parameterization section when selecting a request in  name /  value pair format,  StresStimulus automatically displayed parameterization grid, which is easy to use then  parameterization editor,  but which is also more restrictive. In some cases, however, it is desirable to parameterize requests as a raw text.  An option to switch to prioritization editor in this case was added.  To return back to the parameterization grid, click the "Restore to recorded" button in the parameterization editor.



3. Randomize think times. In addition to Recorded, Constant and Zero think times, a Random within a range think time, is now available. It allows to simulate a more realistic load. StresStimulus assigns a unique seed to every VU, that is re-used in the subsequent test runs. This allows to reproduce the same pseudo random think time sequence in the subsequent tests for every VU, for better tests comparability.



4. More complete global toolbar.  The global toolbar that is visible regardless of the position on the navigation tree, is now more complete. The three main steps of load testing: 1.Record, 2.Verify and 3.Run, are clearly designated.


5. Session numbers on the Test Case Tree.  The session numbers on the test case tree are the same as ones on the fiddler grid. They help to easy cross-reference sessions between these two controls.


6. Disable Fiddler capturing after the test run. To avoid capturing traffic unrelated to a load test, it is recommended to disable Fiddler capturing when working with StresStimulus. StresStimulus automatically enables traffic  capturing during the recording of a test case or running a test. With this enhancements, after completing the  test run, StresStimulus will now restore the original fiddler's capture settings, set by a user.


To navigate to other parts of the v2.5 release notes, click the links below:


V2.5 beta is available for download here.


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