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v2.5 update #3

Released today, V2.5 beta update #3 added the following features and enhancements:


1. Response viewer is added to the "Create Extractor" window.  Previously when creating an extractor, it was necessary to open the session inspector in Fiddler to display the response. The new "Create Extractor" window has an embedded response viewer that simplifies creating extractors. Additionally, the goal of this enhancement is to make StresStimulus UI more autonomous from Fiddler, as a part of transition to a standalone version.


2. Simplified extractor configuration and editing. Previously, in order to set extractor's textual properties, a user needed to either enter text string, or copy and paste it from the response.  In this update, 3 new buttons on the extractor toolbar can copy selected response text into the following extractor properties: Extractor name, Text Before and Text After (in the Text Delimiter extractors).

3. Simplified creation of multiple extractors. "Save and New" button on the extractor toolbar allows to create multiple extractors much quicker.

4. Extractor value in the verification box is selectable. Users can copy the extractor value to the clipboard and use it for searching in multiple responses. This makes it easier to debug tests without risk of making typo, especially in session IDs, GUIDs, etc.

5. Added support for parameterizing textual portion of binary requests.  If requests contain binary content, such as multipart file upload, you now can parameterize its textual portion.


To navigate to other parts of the v2.5 release notes, click the links below:


V2.5 beta is available for download here.

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