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What's new in v2.0, Part 3 - Pro: Other Enhancements

1. Creating multiple free format parameters.Sometimes a test case should have similar parameters defined for multiple requests. In the previous versions, every parameter was created individually using the Parameterization Editor. In v2.0 in order to quickly create multiple similar parameters from the Parameterization Editor, in the “Search Scope” drop-down select “All Requests”. After that, “Find” and “Replace” actions work across all requests and the Test Case.



2. Creating multiple free format parameters at once. In order to create free format parameters described in the previous paragraph with one click, use the “Replace All” action.

3. Running multiple tests sequentially from the command line. Previously, to automate multiple tests, they must be scheduled as described in the item #13 of this post /blog/post/what-s-new-in-v1-7 However, because no value was returned to the batch processor when the current test completed, each of such Tests has to be scheduled individually in such way that sufficient time is provided for the previous tests to complete. In the v2.0, the batch command can start fiddler, complete the test, close fiddler and return the batch processor, so the next test can be lunched.
Launch a load test from command line

Fiddler.exe /SS   [/ssclose] [/quiet ] <File.ssconfig>
File.ssconfig is a StresStimulus test configuration file. Specify a full path or the default directory
/Fiddler/StresStimulus will be used.
/ssclose is a switch to close Fiddler after the test is complete.
/quiet is a switch to run Fiddler in quiet mode.

4. Better support for Asp.NET Ajax. In the previous versions, autocorrelation worked only for HTML pages.  In v2.0 autocorrelation support is expended to the Asp.NET Ajax encoding.

5.Adding performance counters from the graph. Previously, performance counters could be only configured from the Test Configuration -> Other Options. In v2.0 you can also add performance counters by clicking “Select performance counters” on the graph's toolbar.

Many fixes are included as well.

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V2.0 beta is available for download here.

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