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v1.0 Augusts Update Release Notes

The following new features are included in the August Update of v1.0, released today


1. Support for Windows Integrated authentication. NTLM / Kerberos authentication support using single user credentials is added. This feature was requested in the "401 Unauthorized Issue" post.



2. Support for Basic and Windows Integrated authentication using multiple user credentials.Just enter or import user credentials from a .csv file, and StresStimulus will automatically use the required authentication type. Multiple user credential sets are consumed by the virtual users in the round-robin order.


3. Broad autocorrelation of Postbacks. On postbacks, all fields will be autocorrelated, except those that are parameterized or changed during the recording. This feature was requested in the “Test Update scenario” post. It will also address in part the request from “Custom autocorrelation” post, since it provides autocorrelation when UI is not required. This feature in conjunction with NTLM support enabled out-of-the-box load testing of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM Dynamics and a broad range of other dynamic applications.


4. Error Rate graph.This feature was requested in StresStimulus - Stress Test Report. The real-time counts of HTTP errors and timeouts is displayed on the real-time graph.



5. Added the "Query String" column after the URL column on all grids.


6. Other enhancements and fixes:

  • In Test Summary section and on Load Test Report all errors, timeouts and missed goals are printed in red.
  • Fixed a bug with the primary requests recognition in some AJAX pages that impacted session ID correlation integrity.
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