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V2.8 is released

After two months of public beta, v2.8 with 50+ new features went live today. Our thanks to all beta users for your feedback that helped make StresStimulus better!  v2.8 is available here.

What's new in StresStimulus 2.8. The highlights of 2.8 are more versatile testing options with Data Generators and Functions, full control over test configuration with XML-based scripting, and saving test configuration time with Parameter Finder and Auto-Configurator. A full list of all features and enhancements is listed in multipart release notes that start here.  

Backward, no forward compatibility. V2.8 is backward compatible, but not forward compatible. It will open tests saved in v2.5, but not vice versa. So if you decided to go back to 2.5, keep the copies of the test files in the 2.5 format.

Beta Expiration. The beta will expire shortly so we recommend that beta users update to the release version as soon as you find convenient.

More Licensing options: By popular demand we added additional lower-cost licensing options in the Enterprise and Service Provider Editions for the customers who need fewer VUs. 25 and 50 VU options are available with perpetual licenses and all subscriptions. Additionally, the 5 VU option, used mainly by developers and test designers, is available not only in Pro, but also in the Enterprise edition.  Starting from v 2.8, a 3 VU non-commercial version will require activation. To receive a free serial number for non-commercial use please email requests to  You can continue to use existing unregistered free non-commercial version with 2.5 and earlier versions.

Upgrades:  All full license holders with a current maintenance contract will receive the 2.8 upgrade free of charge. If you purchased a full license or renewed the support contract within last 12 month, your maintenance is active. Your maintenance contract expired? Not a problem. For just 25% of the current license price, you can renew the contract for another 12 months from its expiration and receive v2.8 and all subsequent upgrades released while your maintenance is active, absolutely free. To renew your maintenance, navigate to  or contact us.

Standalone version progress report: As we announced previously, StresStimulus is on its way to a standalone version in v 3.0, which is currently in its internal beta. A public beta will be launched next month. In 3.0, users can decide whether to use a Fiddler add-on version or a standalone version, at no additional cost.

  Have questions? Here's how to contact us:

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