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WHAT'S NEW IN V2.8, Part 4. Enhancements

Multiple enhancements were added in the following areas:

Reporting, diagnostic

1. Extended diagnostic in session validation tree is now displayed for certain errors and warnings. Right-click on the error or warning, and select Show Details in the context menu. A warning explanation with recommended remedies will be displayed.


2. Average transaction response time is added to the Summary report and the Test Comparison report.


3. Support for performance counters from a remote server on a different domain. Previously, if the test machine was not part of the remote server Windows domain, server performance counters could not be added because of authentication failure. Now, when you add performance counters from remote server that does not authenticate test machine credentials, an authentication box will be displayed. After entering proper credentials of the remote server, performance counters will be added.


4. Increased the maximum number of performance counters graphs from 10 to 25 (Ent/SP Editions).


5. Current Test Case is displayed on the global toolbar



6. Clone command is added to transactions, pages and requests.

a) In the Test Case -> Transactions, select a Transaction and click the Clone button on the toolbar, or right-click and select the Cone option in the context menu.

b) In the Test Case -> Page Settings, select a page and click the Clone button on the toolbar, or right-click and select the Cone option in the context menu.

c) In the Test Case Tree, select a Request, right-click and select the Cone option in the context menu.

The new objects will be inserted above the original one.


7. Cache control can be configured per Test Case and not for the entire Test. Browser cache management moved from Test Configuration section to Multi-Test Cases section. This creates more flexibility, as different test cases can have different cache control settings.

Performance enhancements

8. Eliminated unnecessary automatic SQL Server requests to refresh previous results section. To display previous test results, click “Show Previous Results” on the toolbar. This improves overall UI performance.


9. Faster opening of large tests. On test opening, the sessions will be loaded only into the Test case tree, while the fiddler grid will be populated on demand. Sessions will be loaded into the Fiddler grid, only when a user clicks on the test case tree object.

10. Error Details Grid limit is increase from 500 to 1000 record. Previously, while all test errors were registered in the database, only first 500 were displayed in the Error Details Grid. Now,  first 1000 error will be displayed in the grid. To access the renaming errors,  query the SQL Server records from the ResultData Table, where isError = True

Better UI consistency.

11. A value of every node / object of every tree can be copied to the clipboard.

12. Set of buttons on toolbars and context menu commands are more standardized.

13. All test objects, displayed on trees, associated with sessions have a session number in the first position.

14. Extractor window caption displays the response number.

15. "Not Found" notification will be displayed if no sessions are founded when searching Test Case Tree. The pop-up message can be closed by hitting Escape.

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