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v2.8 Update, Part 2: Scripting and other enhancements

Scripting Enhancements

1.Embedded Script schema document. An XSD document that lays out constraints on the structure and content of StresStimulus script (SSScript) is embedded into the tool. To browse SSScript XML schema, select the Script Editor Section a and on the toolbar of the editor, click “Show XSD” button b . The XSD viewer window c will display SSScript XSD. The viewer supports basic text editing functions such as search, bookmark and copy. Use SSScript XSD as a reference for SSScript. It contains all objects and attributes that you need to know to make changes in the SSScript. In the future updates, more descriptive information (comments) will be added to SSScript XSD to make documentation more complete.




2. Script format and content validation. When a script is saved or when a user clicks validate, SSScript is validated against XSD to verify its formatting and content. Detailed diagnostic helps to correct errors quickly.




3. Enhanced SSScript XML schema. Script editing became simpler due to added support for meaningful values in XML enumerated type instead of numeric codes. For example, ThinkTimeMode attribute can have values Zero, Recorded, Constant or Random, instead of 0, 1, 2, or 3. Using meaningful values also makes it more difficult to make mistakes when editing the script.


Cloning sessions between test cases

4. Creating a new test case using sessions from the existing test case. The video below shows how to create test cases using the following two-step process:

  • Step 1. Show all recorded sessions in the grid.
  • Step 2. Create a new test case:
    • To clone all sessions, click “Create a Test Case with the Fiddler sessions”.
    • To clone a subset of selected sessions, right-click and in “StresStimulus Commands”, click “Create Test Case“.


If you need to clone other objects, such as extractors, parameters, validators, then in the script editor, clone their definitions and change values of the TestCase attributes to the new Test Case ID.



5. Creating a new test case by opening an .saz file of an existing test case. This is another way of cloning all test case sessions to another test case.


6. Clone sessions from one test case to another. The video below shows how to accomplish that through the following steps:

  • Select the 1-st test case.
  • Show all recorded sessions in the grid.
  • Select the 2-nd test case.
  • Display the grid on the left.
  • Display the tree on the right.
  • Drag-and-drop sessions from the grid (1-st TC) to the tree (2-nd TC)

Clone sessions from one test case to another from Stimulus Technology on Vimeo.


Other enhancements

7. Search everywhere. Search controls are added to virtually every StresStimulus screens with threes, grids or text. The search controls appears on the right site of toolbars. Examples: Session Verification Tree, Parameterization Grid, Session Comparison Inspector.

8. Copy everywhere. The content of virtually every tree or grid can be copied to the clipboard. If you can see it, you can <Ctrl-C> it.

9. In the fiddler grid added “VU Number” column to display virtual user number.



10. More Details on the Summary Report:

  • For better test version tracking, the test's last-modified timestamp is included.
  • For more complete reporting of test parameters, the “Complete after X iterations” line indicates whether iteration count is per VU or Total.

11. Better autocorrelation support for Ajax requests. More parameters are auto-correlated now, so user does not have to configure them manually.

12. Remembering the Current Test Case. Previously, the selection of the "current test case" did not persist, and after reopening the test, the first test case was always current. Now on reopening the test, previously selected case will be set as current.


13. Added an extractor property (read-only) Returned recorded value that stores a value returned by the Extractor from the recorded response.

14. Fixed session re-numbering when changing test case. Previously some test changes caused changing session numbers. This is fixed.


15. Support for different display settings. Previously StresStimulus UI was not displayed correctly on some non-default display settings. This should not be longer an issue.

Multiple other enhancements are made that, while are not worth to mention, will make user experience more enjoyable.

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