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Standalone StresStimulus roadmap

As we announced last week, Stimulus Technology will release a standalone version of StresStimulus to give our customers a choice of a Fiddler - integrated or standalone version at no additional cost.  Today we would like to share more details about this development. 


Our goal is to make the transition to a standalone version not only optional, but also smooth. So, it will be performed in two phases.


During phase 1, StresStimulus v2.5 public beta, which will be out this month, will still be distributed as a Fiddler add-on. But its UI will receive a major overhaul to reduce reliance on Fiddler UI and to obtain more robust "Enterprise" look and feel. v2.5 will include many other enhancements as well.


During phase 2, we will finally release v3.0 with the Fiddler-integrated and the standalone versions, which will be available to StresStimulus license holders with active maintenance at no additional cost. To simplify switching between the versions, the user experience between them will be consistent.

Standalone StresStimulus is underway.

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