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V4.5 - INTRO

V4.5 public beta has been available for several months now. Today we issued the release notes that summarize the new features and enhancements

The main highlights of v4.5 are:

  • Robust Correlation: The test designer is upgraded to simplify manual correlation of the test scripts and make it more accurate. As a result, an even broader set of Enterprise applications is supported now.

  • Versatile test workflow: Several new object types such as Rendezvous, Delays and Skip to Next are supported now. This allows to control the test execution flow and closer emulate real user activity.

  • Extensibility: Now you can programmatically extend StresStimulus functionality and behavior by writing your own .NET code

Licensing. After installation, v4.5 will honor your existing license. If you have a commercial or trial license for earlier versions, then after installing v4.5, your current number of licensed VUs will be unlocked automatically without activation.

Backward compatibility.  V4.5 is designed to be backward compatible but not forward compatibility. If you decide to go back to v4.3, make sure to keep the previous copies of the tests or save the v4.5 tests under a different name.

To navigate to other parts of the v4.5 release notes, click the links below:

4.5 is available here

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