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V4.5 Part 1 - Robust Correlation

The test designer is upgraded to simplify manual correlation of the test scripts. Now StresStimulus helps to find dynamic values and create required extractors and parameters faster and more accurate.

1. Automatically highlighting dynamic values. In the verification tree, click "Highlight non-correlated dynamic values" to open a view with all dynamic values that require correlation highlighted. Dynamic values that are already correlated will not be highlighted. This feature is a major timesaver because manually finding dynamic values is one of the most difficult and time-consuming operations. This view requires recording the same test case twice.

2. Pre-filled extractor creation dialog. In session compare view or in dynamic value view, select a dynamic value that needs correlation and click Find selection in response. The response will be located and highlighted. Right-click it to create an extractor. The extractor dialogue will appear with the dynamic value already selected. From here you can create an extractor in just a few clicks.

3. Sped up parameter creation. Often time, Compare Session view shows the dynamic value that must be replaced by a parameter. In the previous versions, to create it you needed to switch to the test case tree, find the request containing this value and then select the Parameter node on the workflow tree. In 4.5, in Compare Session view or Dynamic Value view, select the dynamic value, right-click and select "Replace selection with a parameter". A parameterization dialog will pop up, and the dynamic value will be already selected and ready to be correlated. This saves time and clicks.

4. Creating parameters in bulk quicker. Now you can create multiple parameters from an existing parameter. In the parameterization editor or a free format editor, right click on an existing parameter and select "create more like this". The find and replace dialog will appear with the find and replace criteria pre-filled. Click the Bulk Replace button to find all dynamic values and replace them with the similar parameter.

5. Pop-up parameterization window. In the previous versions, to create a parameter for a request on a test case tree, you needed to navigate to the workflow tree and select the Parameter node. In 4.5, to get the same result you can right click the request, and in the context menu, select Create Parameter to display a pop-up parameterization window. This design reduces UI context switching.

6. Extractor from extractor. In the previous version, only structures from responses could be created. In this version you can also create an extractor from an extractor which gives you more flexibility. For example, now you can create an XPath or JPath extractor from a response containing XML or JSON content intermingled with other content.

7. Auto-generate JPath extractors. You no longer need to create JPath extractors manually. Just select the value you want to extract and click Create JPath. StresStimulus will generate the correct JPath extractor and store it in the Jpath Query field.

8. Simplified second recording when search dynamic values. Now you can record an identical test case for comparison with one click. Its name will be automatically assigned as <Main test case>-compare, and mix weight will be set to zero so it will not be executed during the test run.

9. Automatically matchup sessions from test cases recorded twice. When you select "Compare with recorded", StresStimulus will find a matching test case and a matching session. While Test cases recorded twice are similar, they are not identical, so automatic session matchup saves time.

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