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new features in the v1.1 update - Part 5

v1.1 update, released today, added an array of new features

Test Configuration section:

1. Custom network type. If none of the supported network types match test requirement, you can set a custom network type (e.g. to emulate your VPN) by specifying its expected upload and download throughput.

2. Percentage of New vs. Return VUs in the Cache control area.This allows simulating a mix of the new users with empty cache and the return users with primed cache.



3. Added support for Safari browser.



Test Results section:

4. Navigation from Page to Requests. In the "Page Details Grid" added right-click navigation to the page's requests on the "Request Details Grid".
5.Display Virtual User sessions.Added a button to show sessions of a selected virtual user.



6. VU count on-demand adjustment.You can adjust the VU count up or down, while the test is running. This gives more control over the test run. For example, if you noticed a sharp response time increase after changing the VU count from 100 to 120, then you can repeat the same VU change to see if this server behavior is consistent.


7.Load test parameters in the Fiddler grid. The following columns in the Fiddler grid display the session parameters relevant to the load test:
Process - shows a virtual user number.
Iter-URL - shows an iteration number and a request number within the iteration.
Response - shows response time.


8. In the "Test Case" ->"Page Settings" section a button was added to show sessions for the selected page.


Also, v1.1 is compatible with Fiddler, released on 10/09/11, while v1.0 and 1.1 beta are not fully compatible, due to some changes in fiddler API. Upgrade strongly recommended.


To navigable to the other parts of the v1.1 release notes, click the links below:


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