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What's new in v1.1, Part 2 - Test Case & Run

This is the second post in the series of four, describing new features in v1.1.

Test case section:


2.1 The Total row on the "Page Settings" grid. It displays aggregated metrics for the Test Case: the number of URLs, request and response traffic and the test case duration.

2.2 Editable page Title on the "Page Settings" grid.It displays HTML title tag visible on the browser's window title bar. You can override it with any text.


Also, default page timeout was changed to 300 seconds.



Test runs:


2.3 Pause / Step / Resume buttons on the progress bars. Added fine-grained control over the test execution and debugging capability when running Once, Running Debug or Running a Test.



2.4 Broaden autocorrelation on postbacks.In the previous versions, autocorrelation (copying form fields value from response to subsequent request) was enabled only for hidden fields. In v1.1 the autocorrelation is extended to all form fields, except those that are parameterized or have changed during the recording,


Fixed a performance-impacting bug that appeared when selecting browsers different that IE8.


Also, v1.1 is compatible with Fiddler, released on 10/09/11, while v1.0 and 1.1 beta are not fully compatible, due to some changes in fiddler API. Upgrade strongly recommended.


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