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The update released today includes the following new features and enhancements:


1. More filtering options on the Test Case Tree. Filter Objects split button on the Test Case Tree lower toolbar, now has two filtering functionalities (see documentation):

a. Object types. The Filter Objects button allows toggling between showing all objects and Sessions only. Sessions only view hides pages, extractors, parameters and validators. This view is convenient to search HTTP messages when configuring parameterization. Click the button again to show all test case objects.


b. Session subset. The Filter Objects drop-down allows to select the session subset.: Primary requests, Essential requests (all sessions except images, stylesheets and scripts), All requests and Errors


Show error requests: Shows recorded requests with errors and warnings.



2. In the test case settings section, when select the test case object, on the property grid, add 2 properties, which are currently exist in the multi test case section

Name and Description. These 2 properties might be to the top



3. Added a function Current UTC Date Time (see documentation)



4. The Current Date Time  and Current UTC Date Time Functions have an additional property: Use Unix Time format. Select Yes to return the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since Jan-1, 1970. Select No (default) for all other formatting options. This format is used in several web frameworks, for example Oracle ADF.


Multiple bug fixes and enhancements, including support for percents in the test case mix weights, when possible, (see this discussion on the  StresStimulus Forum site).

To navigate to other parts of the v3.0 release notes, click the links below:

StresStimulus 3.5 beta is available here.

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